ASAP_24_Unity Certified VR Developer_Rajagiri

What Will You Learn?

  • Study Material For 3D Modelling (Specified Topics)
  • Study Material For Artist (Specified Topics)
  • Study Material For Programmer (Specified Topics)
  • Study Material For VR Developer (Specified Topics)
  • Exercises in PBL format

Course Content

Introduction to 3D and Software

  • Introduction to 3D and Software

Unity Interface Overview

Unity Asset Store

Introduction to VR and SETUP


Debug Log message

Problem solving and Associated Error message

Oculus SDK API

Creating Code

Initialize and Use Variables

Understanding use of Variables

Aniamation Controller

Keyboard and Touch input

UI Elements


Lighting, Effects and Shadows

Particles and Shader graph

VFX Graph

Build Settings

VR Package

VR Based Interaction

Building VR App