Mobile Game Development – UNITY

About Course

Build a simple mobile game using unity.its a basic course for who have a interest in game development.learn to develop your own game and also learn to publish in playstore.

By end of this course you will learn about game development and Basic concepts of Game,machanism,Game Physic,etc. programming on basic C# Language for games in Unity and publish it in play store.

What Will You Learn?

  • Basics of Game Mechanism
  • C# Programming Basics
  • To Build and Publish Game

Course Content

Mobile Game Development – UNITY

  • Introduction
  • Unity Installation
  • Unity Interface
  • Unity Interface
  • User Interface and Audio
  • Physics Components
  • Animations
  • c# Basics Basic Syntax and Program Structure
  • C# Basics operators
  • C# BAsics Arrays and Loops
  • C# Basics Functions in unity
  • Basic C# Programs
  • Flappy Tappy Game – Creating project and downloading assets
  • Adding Background and Ground
  • Player Physics, Animation And Player movement
  • Adding Obstacle and Obstacle Physics
  • Adding More Obstacle and Adding Score
  • The User Interface -mainmenu
  • The User Interface – Game Over Menu
  • Program the UI
  • Adding Audio
  • Build settings for the game
  • Build the APK
  • Publish the Game