Certificate in AR/VR Development

150 Hours Program

Program Delivery Online Mode

Certificate in Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

The idea of the metaverse is closely related to technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI),augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Augmented reality technology allows you to embed virtual objects into the real physical world VR involves the use of 3 D computer modeling, one of the most interesting types of graphic designs to immerse yourself in a 3 D virtual environment While the metaverse doesn’t necessarily require you to wear a VR headset or other accessories, experts are confident that virtual reality technology will become an integral component of the new ecosystem

What you will Learn
  • Code in C# to create games in Unity
  • Learn to build games with artificial intelligence
  • Use a navigation mesh to add pathfinding logic to your game
  • Create augmented reality apps with X code and Swift
  • Learn cutting edge tools that will put you ahead as a developer
Skills you will Gain

Software Developer, XR Gameplay and Tools Engineer,Researcher,Business Development Manager, etc..